Back and Neck Pain

Many people of all ages and activity level suffer from back and neck pain. Physical therapy is an effective method of reducing or eliminating neck and back pain and increasing function in these areas. It is also a natural way to find relief. Physical therapy is one of the most common practices to reduce or eliminate back and neck pain. Strengthening the impacted areas can reduce long-term pain and get you feeling better faster.

Neck and back pain are one of the most common physical complaints for people, but a specialized program from Hausmann PT can ease your pain and provide methods to help prevent future issues with back and neck pain. Our expert staff can help pinpoint areas of pain or give advice for preventative measures relating to back and neck pain. Hausmann PT will work with you to give you a list of exercised and stretches that will ease or eliminate pain, as well use utilize our in-office equipment to treat back and neck pain.

lady on therapy machine talking to therapist